Participation Trophy

by Man Repellant

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released April 20, 2017

Kit Kogan- Guitar & Vocals
Kayla Tabb - Drums & Vocals

Recorded by Radio Sloan at Castle Gayskull in Vancouver WA, April 2017.
Photo by Chelsea Louise



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Man Repellant Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: BYOW
If you wanna get high
If you wanna ride this ride
If you wanna come inside
If you wanna party tonight

If you wanna ride the snake
If you wanna wake n bake
If you wanna raise the stakes
If you wanna lick the plate

Bring Your Own Weed
Track Name: #YESALLMEN
Men ask us
Why do we hate men?
If you're asking you are probably One Of Them
One Of Them?
No one asked for your opinion

Sit down
Shut up
No one here gives a fuck

I don't know you
Don't ask me to smile
I don't owe you shit
Don't fuck with me
I told you before
You're gonna get hit

Sit down
Shut up
No one here gives a fuck
Track Name: Turn Down 4 Us
Yes means fuck yes
No means fuck no
Yes means fuck yes
No means fuck no

Turn down for us!

If it's too loud
You might be too old
If it's too loud
You're probably too old

Turn down for us!
Track Name: C U Next Tuesday
Fuck you Bitch (see you next Tuesday!)
Suck my dick (see you next Tuesday!)
Go eat shit (see you next Tuesday!)
You're fucking full of it (see you next Tuesday!)